Our Products

  RT-net™ is a highly appreciated radiation therapy supporting software system specialized in radiation information system, RIS. It was developed in 1995 and continuously updated to fit customer needs and installed into hospitals and facilities in Japan.




 iVAS🄬, ITEM’s Viewer and planning Assistant System, is a software supporting radiotherapy planning system using deformable image registration. It includes radiotherapy viewer showing dose mapping, structures in 3-dimentions, dose-volume histogram and many more.




We are exclusive distributor of Qfix in Japan handling world-class rigid shells and couchtops for immobilizing patients under therapy. Visit www.qfix.com for more information.


We are exclusive distributor of SDX Respiratory Gating System in Japan. Visit www.sdx-gating.com for more information.



Visit www.dotdecimal.com for more information.



Visit www.medicalisotopes.com for more information.